It is not intended for the videos posted here to be instructional or to show the 'correct' way of doing things. They just show 'our' way and what works for us.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Allotment Diary 13

We’ve been making the most of the excellent spring sunshine to get beds ready for planting next month. Our peas, onions and shallots will be planted through weed control fabric which was laid over the appropriate bed. The fabric is used year after year and is rotated along with its crop with suitable holes or slits already made in the fabric.

Sue repotted our two cranberry bushes which grow in tubs outside the greenhouse. They hadn’t been done for a few years and desperately needed some new compost.

On the plot our fruit trees are starting to break into flower.  Our plum Oullins gage is the first to flower.

Finally, there is my best bit of robin video. It’s been singing to us all afternoon long on our visits over the last few days.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Robin Stops Work (4k)

Work on the allotment stopped to try to get some video of this robin singing.


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